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I am looking for this movie like everywhere in the internet, in sites I have never visited before. But all those links are just bogus and might get me spammed too, but hai FT is more imp than getting spammed or malwared or anything else so I will still keep looking, but I don’t have any hope maybe will have to wait till the DVD release and see it peacefully in KissAnime. Just like said I am sure, since the manga is coming to an end and maybe the anime will restart again so they might be delaying the DVD release, because Fans will have the hype to watch the movie in cinema if they can’t get it anywhere.

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Watch Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry full episodes online English Sub. Other title:Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. Synopsis: Dragon Cry is a magical artifact. The Fairy Tail Guild's quest to retrieve the deadly and destructive Dragon Cry staff forces dragon slayer Natsu to undergo a dangerous transformation.

But godspeed KissAnime will have it, as soon as the DVD releases,If I am lucky to get a copy somewhere I will Dwl it too. Dude, don't get you expectations all too high As far as the movie is concerned, if you want to watch in good quality subbed version, then it can take a lot of time One Piece: Gold which was the most anticipated one piece movie was put up on kissanime and other anime sites almost after 9–10 months.

That might be the case for this too.but who knows it might get uploaded soon too. See I'll give you another example, the movie Koe No Katachi ( shape of voice) which does not belong to any anime and is independent production itself took 5 months to get subbed and uploadedso don't expect too much!! Also Fairy Tail manga is ending in 2 months I guess they might be busy with that or the restart of the anime (not sure). Reviews While the other answers are correct in saying that neither will provide spoilers for the others, I would suggest watching Zero first. Zero is a prequel series to the main Fairy Tail story. It’s sort of like the Star Wars prequels, in that it builds upon and further explains plot points that were established prior to its airing (which means everything up to and including the Tartaros arc) except that, unlike the Star Wars prequels, it’s really good.

Dragon Cry is a sequel, a continuation of the main story, therefore, chronologically, it happens after Zero. So, really, it’s better to go in order.

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