Khichdi New Episodes

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Khichdi New Episodes

Khichdi 2nd September 2018 Full Today Episode Star Plus Khichdi 2nd September 2018 Full Latest. List of Khichdi episodes. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Khichdi is an Indian comedy. In Melissa's absence, the Parekhs gets a new maid, who adds to the chaos and misunderstanding in the house; but acts innocent in front of Tulsidas. However, the family successfully gets Tulsidas to see the truth and throws her out. Khichdi Returns: New season to launch on April 14. Here are all the deets The series, tentatively titled Khichdi Returns will air on weekends at 9 pm on Star Plus, for an hour. Writer-producer and one of the actors of the show JD Majethia, confirmed the news with

Praful's stint as a waiter is clearly not going well as he tastes everything that the customer orders. What's more, he also tells the customers that the food that they are being served was cooked months ago. He not only gets kicked out of the job but also gets the restaurant he is working in closed. Back home, he is consoled by his family members. Jayshree consoles him saying that the restaurant deserved to be shut since they were serving stale food, as she served stale paranthas to Babuji. The irony of it was obviously lost on everyone.

When Babuji survives the food, Jayshree serves it to the beggar, also pointing out that they dont even serve stale food to beggars before testing it on Babuji. Best non dairy yogurt brands. While they are trying to tell Praful that he will land a job, Jayshree points to a job posting in the newspaper.


The job is that of a marriage coordinator. After some weird explanations about the job profile, the Parekhs set out to impress the client. But Babuji entrusts the responsibility of the sangeet ceremony to Praful, who, as usual goofs up and gets train singers to sing at the ceremony, pointing out that it would be as different as it gets. They go to the job poster's place to convince them to hire them. There they goof up even more, which is kind of expected. Hansa, who is supposed to praise the bride, praises everyone else but her. But, still, in what seems like a far-fetched concept, they get the contract.


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They even fetch Rs 50 lakh as commission, before they get a call, from someone who offers them Rs 60 lakh if they help them kidnap the bride. Watch x men movie

Khichdi New Episodes 2018

This Saturday was a big day for the telly viewers, for, once again after so many years cult show Khichdi returned to the small screen. And though the Parekh family had a lot of expectations to meet, we must say they managed to do a good job at it, but, this time their Kichdi could have had a little more salt and spice we feel.

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