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Saturator Plugins, Guitar Amp [VST, AU, AAX] DAW music production AAX, AudioUnit and VST saturator plugins that produce non-linear saturation and overdrive effects, including mixing console, tape and valve saturation, guitar amp and guitar cabinet overdrive sound. Free VST downloads: Bonch-Bruevich (Tube stage emulation by Syntler) - Crush (Crossover tube distortion by sleepyCat) - Ferox (Tape simulator by Jeroen Breebaart) - FerricTDS (Tape dynamics simulator by Variety Of Sound) - Grease Tube (Tube amplifier by TbT) - Mystique (Tape simulator by Cana San Martin) - OuraPhat LE (Sound phattener by Ourafilmes) - RS Digital Tube (Digitizing tube emulator. It emulates the effect of tape saturation perfectly and without any unwanted artifacts like noise and flutter. It can also be quite transparent if you want to use it for mastering and it is surprisingly CPU effective.

There are plenty of, but if you want to keep everything in the box, the good news is that the plugin market is awash with processors that do an excellent job of adding that all-important warmth and character. Here are a dozen of our favourites, starting with SoundToys' merciless Decapitator. This brutal box of wave-chopping tricks houses five unofficial emulations: an Ampex 350 tape preamp, Chandler/EMI TG Channel, Neve 1057 input channel, and triode and pentode modes from Thermionic Culture’s Culture Vulture. FULL REVIEW: Prev Page 1 of 12 Next Prev Page 1 of 12 Next.

Lots of people are obsessed with the ‘warmth’ of analog studio gear. Sure—it sounds fuller, more human, more present. But these days, modeling technology has become really good at simulating the effects of analog circuitry. Our computers and are powerful enough to handle these VST workhorses. So forget about spending tons of money on analog gear. Here’s 8 VSTs (for both PC and Mac) that will give you that sweet analog warmth.

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What’s all the analog fuss about? Ok, so what does analog circuitry do to your sound? What’s everyone so obsessed about? What people like about analog sound are the quirks and imperfections. So when people talk about ‘warm analog sound’ they’re referring to: • Subtle distortion and drive • Harmonic distortion • Tape Saturation • Vacuum tubes • Preamps What these processes do to your sound is often hardly noticeable.

That’s what the magic’s about—you won’t hear them, but they’ll make a huge difference in how your track sounds and feels. The cumulative effect of analog processes is what people are gushing about.


SGA1566 Tube Preamp ’s SGA 1566 gives you a single channel vintage tube preamp. The whole circuit is simulated in real time to get you that authentic analog sound.

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Free Tape Saturation Vst Plugins

Use the SGA 1566 as a saturation compressor to boost the warmth of your track. Or add a bit of grit with the tube overdrive. The newest version is also lighter on your CPU––so no computer freak outs!! Download the SGA 1566 for free.

TDR Slick EQ “This little guy sounds amazing” – The TDR Slick EQ is a sleek easy-to-use three-band EQ that gives you amazing sound—like all plugins. Warm up your sound by choosing a non-linear option under Output Stage. That’ll add subtle harmonic distortion and texture.

Download the TDR SlickEQ for free. Ace Amp Ace Amp—another creation—is based on classic 1950s style tube amps. Control the input, volume, feedback, output. 300 full movie download.

Choose between three resampling options. This amp plugin has simple controls and doesn’t eat up. Hot Tip: Try it on vocals for a cool aesthetic effect. Download the Ace for free. Molot Compressor Vladg’s Molot is a compressor with character.

Even the vintage Soviet look is on point. Molot will give your sound interesting color.

I recommend reading the manual to learn how to tune it properly—it’s worth the read. Download Molot for free. Voxengo Tube Amp ’s Tube Amp gives you warm overdrive, fuzzy distortion and everything in between. It imitates tube overdrive in the style of single-tube mic preamps. Hot Tip: Use the low-pass filter to imitate the texture of lower-quality tubes. Download Voxengo’s Tube Amp for free. Compressor ’s MJUC jr.

Compressor is simple and elegant. Use it for smooth compression or a heavier pumping effect. Is based on vintage compressors of the 1960s––it even looks like one. Flip the ‘Time Constants’ switch to choose between slow, fast and auto. This changes the attack and release time. It affects other parts of the circuitry too, giving you interesting analog-style saturation.

Best Free Tape Saturation Vst

Download the MJUC jr. Softube Saturation Knob This Saturation Knob is one the best free analog emulation plugins out there. Even gives it two thumbs up!

Best Free Tape Saturation Vst

Use it anywhere to add some character and distortion. Drag it on your vocal track to add shimmer. Autocad 2010 activation code keygen The great thing about this one is how simple it is: literally one knob and a switch. Change the switch setting to choose between the kind of distortion you’ll get. Download the Softube Saturation Knob for free. Fake It Till Ya Make It These effects are the missing ingredient in your digital sound.

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