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On July 8, 2015, Braxton's Attorney, Antavius Weems announced that Braxton had settled her contentious child support case with her former husband, Keri Lewis. On June 2, 2016, the City and County officials named June 2 as Toni Braxton day in Atlanta, Georgia. Toni Braxton is a renowned celebrity whose professional life is like an open book, but not many know about her love life struggle. Formerly married to Keri Lewis, Braxton faced a lot of issues in her life including her poor health, bankruptcy, a failed marriage, and divorce.


Keri Lewis was born in the year 1971 on date 12 in the city of Minneapolis, in Minnesota in the United States. He is of American nationality and he was married to Toni Braxton since 2001 until 2013 when their divorce was finalized. From his biography, he was a keyboardist of a band called Mint Condition. The band is an R&B band and it is from the city of Saint Paul in Minnesota. It was formed in the 1980s while at Central High School. The original members of this group were Stokley Williams who was the lead vocalist and played percussions and drums, Larry Waddell was on piano and keyboard Homer O’Dell on the guitar, others were Roger Lynch, Kenny Young and Ray Coleman.

Young, Coleman and Lynch had to leave the group but the schoolmates replaced them, Jeffrey Allen on the keyboards and saxophone and Keri Lewis on the keyboard synthesizer. On the bass, there was Ricky Kinchen who is a Chicago native. The group members are still together but Keri Lewis had to leave so that he can focus more on the marriage with Toni Braxton and to become her producer and produce for other singers. The group did not have any music style and they played anything from Jazz, R&B, Rock, Funk grooves and rhythms from Jamaica and Latin. Keri Lewis met with his wife when the band opened for her in a tour. They got married in the year 2001 and this is the same year that Toni gave birth to their son called Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis and in the year 2003, she gave birth to the second son called Diezel Key Braxton-Lewis. In the year 2008, Braxton filed for the bankruptcy and the couple decided to separate in the year 2009.

Pirates of the caribbean list of movies. The divorce got finalized in the year 2013. When he was still with Mint Condition as a keyboardist, the band came to be well known because of What Kind of Man Would I Be song with the song If You Love Me. His wife filed a suit against him in the Georgia for the back child support. He had to auction the lawsuit and he had to auction some of the royalties off for the songs he had written hoping that he can discharge such claim. Since Toni Braxton had fired for the bankruptcy, Keri Lewis had to pay 2,000 per month for child support of his children.

Keri Lewis And Toni Braxton Wedding Pictures

However, Keri was in contempt and refused to pay so Toni Braxton sued for the back pay using the court order. After selling his royalty, the buyers have the opportunity of getting the royalty fees of 78 songs that he has written. His royalties had allowed him to get the earning through the work that he did on Everybody Hates Chris, Braxton Family Values and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His net worth is 50 million dollars.

Keri Lewis Mint Condition

Transfer: Bankrupt Toni Braxton has been accused of fraudulently wiring a significant sum of money She refiled for bankruptcy in 2010, after claiming she owed between a whopping 10 million and 50 million in debt. Now Toni Braxton has been accused of fraudulently wiring a significant sum of money to her estranged husband singer Keri Lewis, according to the trustee of her bankruptcy estate. The 45-year-old Un-break My Heart star, who was married to Lewis from 2001 - 2009, reportedly transferred $53,490 to her ex, apparently in order to evade repayments to bank creditors, according to website. Lewis was said to have received the money after it was already designated to repay her debts.

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