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This lesson will help you learn about setting SMART goals for yourself in your English studies, and how it can help you learn English faster. Tell us what your SMART goals are for English in the comments! To make progress in English, you need to think about your goals. In this lesson, you'll learn how to set SMART goals and how this can help you learn English more effectively. See the full version of this lesson on our website. How to Set SMART Goals 2:18 2.

Speak English with confidence. Learn British and American English with free video lessons from the best ESL teachers and our free 'Fix it' materials.

Use SMART Goals to Improve Your English Speaking 5:18 3. Use SMART Goals to Improve Your English Pronunciation 8:27 4. Use SMART Goals to Improve Your English Grammar 10:58 This lesson will help you learn: - About SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) - What SMART goals are and why it's important to set them. - How to add effective time limits to your goals. - Ways to make sure your goals are achievable.

Youtube Videos English Conversations

- How to make goals like 'Improving English Pronunciation', and set them up so you can achieve them using SMART goals. - Ways to set minor goals so you can better achieve your bigger goals. You can find more free English lessons like this on our website:.

YouTube and other video sites, such as Google Video and Vimeo, are highly popular, especially with young adults. These sites also provide English learners and with tools to improve.

Youtube Videos English Conversational

The advantage of these sites from a language learning point of view is that they offer examples of everyday English used by everyday people. Students can spend hours watching videos in English and quickly improve their pronunciation and. There also are specific. Using YouTube in the ESL classroom can be fun and helpful, but there must be structure. Otherwise, class might become a free-for-all.

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