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“”, starring and, is one part lighthearted rom-com, one part deathly serious reincarnation saga, and all parts ridiculous. This is a movie so singularly pointless, you have to wonder how the writers and the director tricked the financiers into thinking there was a story here worth telling, and why the actors preferred going to shoot every morning instead of sleeping longer hours. Ab tum hi ho audio song. The premise is fairly basic: unfinished business in a previous life reconnects three people in the modern day. Free mkv movie downloads. There’s no deeper layer, it has nothing profound to say. Oddly, it’s not even as emotionally charged as films of this genre tend to be. Converting pdf to jpeg using microsoft office. The whole theme of rebirth is so superficially and simplistically justified, it makes “Karan Arjun” feel like “Inception” in comparison.

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