Josh Groban Bridges Album Songs

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Aug 13, 2018 - Reprise RecordsJosh Groban has announced the track listing for Bridges, his first album of original music in. Pre-ordering now will get you instant copies of the tracks 'Granted,” “Symphony. 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. I got the CD and it was amazing!!! I then saw Josh Groban's Bridges concert wich adds a lot of story to the songs!!! Awesome album! Bridges is the eighth studio album by Josh Groban, released by Reprise on September 21, 2018. It is Groban's first album since 2013's All That Echoes to include original music, and he co-wrote nine of the album's 12 tracks.

One of the most consistent artists in the game, Josh Groban maintains his superb musicianship throughout the course of ‘ Bridges.’ “You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains” Doesn’t that lyric just take you back to 2003? That’s when Josh Groban released one of the biggest hits of his career,, a cover that far eclipsed the success of the original.

Josh Groban Bridges Album Songs 2017

Groban has had plenty of great moments throughout his career. With the release of his eighth studio album, Bridges – his first new LP in three years – he adds even more great moments to his resume. “Granted” Josh Groban commences Bridges brilliantly with the incredibly smooth, thoughtful pop ballad, “Granted.” While he doesn’t cover new territory after years and years in the game, Groban sounds as gifted and on-point as he ever has. One of the things that stands out is the purity of his falsetto, something we don’t usually associate with a baritone.

Groban continues to deliver on follow-up record,. After a relatively cool, calm, and collected verse, things percolate during the chorus.

Strings are added to the mix, while Groban once more gives us a dash of falsetto. The second verse is slightly fuller, while the second chorus is more developed, incorporating the full complement of sounds. The bridge is arguably the most powerful section of the song, serving as perfect fuel for the fire to make the final chorus the grandest of them all. Groban brings the final chorus back down after reaching that ‘fever pitch.’ Overall, “Symphony” is a great record featuring excellent pacing throughout. “River” Bridges continues to soar with the balladry of “River,” matching the grandeur of “Granted” and “Symphony.” While it’s clear that Groban is a classically-trained vocalist given his masterful tone, there’s nothing operatic or classical about this particular record, or the two that precede. It remains idiomatic of the easy listening/vocal genre, but it’s definitely idiomatic of pop as well. The first instance of ‘classical crossover’ occurs on the Spanish record “Musica del Corazon,” featuring virtuoso guitarist Vincente Amigo.

Unsurprisingly, Groban delivers the cut with ease and incredible technique. “Bridge Over Trouble Water,” surprisingly, is the first cover to grace Bridges. The beloved Simon & Garfunkel classic never seems to get old, despite being among the most popularly covered songs. Josh Groban does the Grammy-winning record justice, accentuated by a backing choir. The arrangement is incredibly successful.

Josh Groban New Album Bridges

Yet another cover comes by the way of “Run,” featuring singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan. “Run” originally appears on Final Straw, the 2003 album by Northern Irish band Snow Patrol.

Josh Groban Bridges Album Songs

Josh Groban Bridges Album

Naturally, Groban and McLachlan do a fabulous job with their interpretation. “S’il suffisait d’aimer” Perhaps more than original “Musica del Corazon,” “S’il suffisait d’aimer” sounds like a return to Groban’s ‘popera’ roots. This is the exemplification of classical crossover, originally appearing on the 1998 French Celine Dion album of the same title. If one had never heard it, they’d be impressed by thoughtful, well-rounded performance by Groban.

Following three consecutive covers, “Won’t Look Back” marks the first original since “Musica del Corazon.” Notably, here on out, Bridges is comprised of originals. It’s a solid, adult contemporary-tinged record that fits Josh well. Nothing is reinvented mind you, but the ‘flex’ is real in the most easy-listening way possible. Groban duets with the great Andrea Bocelli on “We Will Meet Once Again.” The vocal chemistry is nothing short of awesome. We’d expect no less. Josh sounds sincere on the radiant “More of You” which may not be the most memorable record of his robust catalogue, but a great addition.


“99 Years” pairs him with Jennifer Nettles, another incredibly gifted singer and musician in her own right. As with Bocelli, the results are absolutely awesome. The standard edition of Bridges concludes with “Bigger Than Us.” Final Thoughts All in all, Bridges is strong addition to the Josh Groban discography. First and foremost, he sings well, and has solid material to work with. The collaborations – Vincente Amigo, Sarah McLachlan, Andrea Bocelli, and Jennifer Nettles – are all well-cast. No, there’s nothing earth-shattering from J.G. At this point, but there doesn’t need to be.

He’s clearly on-point throughout Bridges. Gems: “Granted,” “Symphony,” “River,” “Bridge Over Trouble Water” & “S’il suffisait d’aimer” Josh Groban • Bridges • Reprise • Release: 9.21.18 Photo Credit: Reprise.

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