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'Alias' centers around a young lady named Sydney Bristow. She is a spy for a CIA off-shoot code-named 'SD-6.' When she finds out that SD-6 is not, in fact, CIA, she decides to become a double agent in order to bring down this terrorist organization. She joins with her father, Jack, who is also a double agent with the CIA, but with whom she has little to no relationship. This lack of relationship provides a basis for future stories, and provides drama outside what is specific to this TV show. Each episode is self-sustaining, so the audience is never completely lost, but keeps the story going, so each episode builds on the last.

Alias (season 5) The fifth and final season of the American drama / adventure television series Alias premiered September 29, 2005, on ABC and concluded May 22, 2006, and was released on DVD in region 1 on November 21, 2006. New episodes of the popular television series for PC you can get from TopTvShows.CC. Latest episodes of Alias download here! Unlike kickass and Torrent our downloader site has all seasons with direct links and NO ADS! Lots of popular tv programs, which you can load to your PC, watch later or copy to mobile or tablet device.

In each episode, Sydney works with a group of people to save the world and provide protection that most people don't even know they need. Sydney, in almost every episode, is required to disguise herself in order to complete a mission, or get information for the central story. These aliases are what give the show its name, and provide something unique and original for television audiences. Because Sydney is a spy, she has various talents, including martial arts, so each episode uses these to provide action and drama. Each episode centers around one mission, but the drama is not just specific to these missions.

Parallel missions, to provide insight into the central story, are also important, and provide plenty of drama for the audience. Sydney is extremely capable, and never gives up, despite multiple chances to quit the spy trade, and live a normal life. 1 decade ago Jack calls on former Agent Weiss and the APO team to search for Sydney after receiving a distress call from her.

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But Jack believes that a larger conspiracy may be in play, thwarting their attempts to rescue her. Meanwhile, Tom's suspicious actions may suggest he has a hidden agenda, Irina Derevko is a surprise partner to Jack and a very pregnant Sydney on a mission to retrieve The Horizon but her allegiances still remain in question -- and Sloane is forced to scramble when Devlin suspects a mole is working inside APO.

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