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Don’t have a subscription yet?. On the cover: NASA’s JPL is using VR tech to create the next Mars rover. Illustration by Viktor Koen. Software is a key piece of digital fabrication. Numerous programs exist that let you design digital models, and others convert those models into commands for your specific machine, allowing it to produce physical builds. Autodesk’s Fusion 360 has become one of the go-to software options for makers that offers both of these elements.


Fusion 360 For Dummies

Autocad fusion tutorial

Autocad Fusion Tutorial

Each course includes Fusion 360 videos, step-by-step tutorials and 3D models you can download so that you can learn Fusion 360 at your own pace. Getting Started With Autodesk Fusion 360: Recently, I've been playing with. I tried Fusion today for the first time and I thought your tutorial was simple to follow. Re: Fusion 360 Step-by-Step Tutorial Just as a point of feedback, in spite of a few annoying little bugs with the in-software tutorials, I found them to be the most useful way to learn the software and become familiar with the various features.

Autodesk Fusion Cam Tutorial

It is light and intuitive while integrating computer-assisted design (CAD) modules such as free-form modeling, rendering, assembly, and physical simulation. And you can even use it to aid in fabrication processes like CNC milling with its computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) module. If you want to learn Fusion 360 and are coming from a 3D-modeling environment such as Inventor, Pro-Engineer, Catia, or Solid Edge, the switch shouldn’t be too painful.

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