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If you ever wondered ‘ how to get a plagiarism checker for free?’, or how to check a regular Microsoft word file for plagiarism, you might have stumbled upon a few issues. • A) Most services cannot offer even a free plagiarism test; they are pay-to-use right from the getgo • B) The free tools do not give comprehensive information on the text and its originality Forget and shoo away your misery because we have a solution to all of that! A free plagiarism scanner that can check an unlimited number of words (Yup, no limit on words), works without trial, offers impressive features to all of its users, possess a great track record and checks documents quickly. Ladies and gentlemen – Plagramme! A completely free plagiarism checker software for your research paper and other writing. Is that even possible?

In short and long – yes! Plagramme is an entirely free online plagiarism checker and software that is available online and is used by universities, businesses, private companies, web companies and individual customers alike. Plagramme has a global reach and works without imposing a word limit for all users. It delivers a result with a certificate of authenticity, accurateness and valuable insight. Not too good to be true. Just too good not to be not used. The free online plagiarism checking system Plagramme is a high-end plagiarism checker that users can access for free.

Grammarly's plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from ProQuest's academic databases. Our free plagiarism check will.

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If you have no desire to pay actual money, you can share and recommend Plagramme to your friends on social media and get full and uninterrupted access to a full array of our services. Besides, our speciality is finding and spotting plagiarism, which we do better than your current go-to plagiarism checker. If your go-to still isn’t us that is All jokes aside, we have a ton of beneficial and advantageous features you can test out! Avoid using, passing or writing a total copy of something else by merely spending a few seconds on Plagramme. Now isn’t that easy or what? So, how does it work? It is quite simple.

You upload your text file or copy the text from your drive, upload it to Plagramme, and sophisticated algorithms along with billions of documents in our database do the rest. Our software displays the results via scoring and giving detailed evaluations of a few key aspects that determine whether the document contains plagiarism or not.

The software works by focusing on the five main elements which we consider to be the defining factors of plagiarism: • The similarity between your and other documents • Risk of plagiarism in the paper or file you have uploaded • Regular paraphrasing which usually defines plagiarism – we can detect it using algorithms • Bad citations that display uneven attention to detail and quotes with errors • Matches in-between the text. So whether you upload: • articles, • essays • Medical papers or documents regarding specific subjects for example science papers, law documents etc. • reports • bachelor thesis, master thesis or any thesis for that matter • coursework • dissertation Plagramme is the best tool for you! Free and of course the full version of Plagramme will be able to determine whether the document in question is original, copied or falls merely short regarding its quality.


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The software shows the percentage of plagiarism found in your particular upload. It is not only useful for teachers as individuals, and business users can get maximum benefits from our software as well. You get the basic service package free. However, if you wish to find where the original paper(s) are located and seek to know more about them – it is a premium feature.

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