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I've just tried to install Windows 7 on a spare hard drive as a clean install; the drive was formatted to NTFS and set as the Master with the DVD drive as the slave. All other drives were removed from the system. The software seems to install perfectly but upon automatic re-boot, I get the error message: windows system32 ntoskrnl.exe 0xc00000e9 Windows failed to load because the kernel is missing, or corrupt. I tried to perform the repair install, no luck. I re-cut the DVD just in case the disc was corrupt but no luck there, either.

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But recently it has been stopping me totally from even logging on to the pc, it now restarts as soon as its loading windows. It works fine on safe mode however. I have tried to do system restore twice now and none of the times worked. Kernel PowerPoint - Repair Powerpoint Files for Windows 7 - Free download information Windows 7 Download periodically updates pricing and information of Kernel PowerPoint - Repair Powerpoint Files free download from the publisher, but some information may be out-of-date.

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My system is a Pentium 4, 3Ghz, 3 GB RAM, Gigabyte 8-KNXP. I've tried various hardware configurations, right down to bare bones with the same result. It always appears that the software loads normally but the re-boot reports this error, sometimes but not always, going into the BIOS without me pressing the DEL key. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Hi All, The repartitioned drive works fine. It appears that the WD Caviar 420400 20Gb drive, dated 1 Mar 99, must have been the problem as it is the only piece of hardware that has changed. Spb hits tamil songs. In fact, when the install occurred, I had the TDK DVDROM drive plus 4 physical drives attached, one of which is a SATA drive whilst the others are all IDE.

Thanks, Ventislav, as your post made me decide to change the hardware configuration. Thanks to everyone else for your thoughts on this thread. As an aside, the 'This old MB maybe needs a wash' comment reminds me of a piece of useful info for anyone who wants it. I recently spilt a can of Coca-Cola over my HP laptop whilst it was switched on and performing an anti-virus scan. After a complete disassemble, clean and reassemble, the only component not working correctly was the keyboard.

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A friend had suggested using Super Servisol 10 to spray on the keyboard so I washed it under a stream of warm-water and dried it with a hair dryer, then left it for a few hours. I sprayed the keyboard and it now works 100%. The can of spray cost next to nothing so I have been very lucky. The Super Servisol 10 is a great investment for techy-types with malfunctioning equipment. If this is the first reboot after running from the install DVD, did you leave the DVD in the drive?

Windows 7 Kernel Repair Kit

For my install, the first reboot still used the DVD as the boot drive, and not the harddrive. (kinda misleading when you get a message that the installation was successful, without any indication as to whether/not to eject the DVD or leave it in for the reboot. ) With previous OS's, there was a message advising when to leave the DVD in, and when to eject, as it pertained to the reboots during installation. As it doesn't seem to induce any further harm, you might want to try to boot with the install DVD in the drive and see what happens. Diablo 2 download. Since you made mention of the hard drive being the master and the DVD being the slave, this is what I would do. I will assume this is an older board that had two IDE controllers, IDE0 and IDE1.

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