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Home Rom Hacks NDS Rom Hacks Pokemon Moon Black 2 (New Version) Pokemon Moon Black 2 (New Version) By Admin NDS Rom Hacks, Rom Hacks 12 Comments. Author: JrFort. Grand Theft Pokemon (GBA Rom Hack) Pokemon Amarillo Solar (GBA Rom Hack) Pokemon Orange Adventures (GBA Rom Hack) About Author Admin. Pokemon Black 2 Cheats, Secrets for Nintendo DS. Best archive of Pokemon Black 2 cheats, cheats codes, hints, secrets, action replay codes, walkthroughs and guides. Pokemon Black 2 Cheats [ NDS] Home. Anyone able to hack me one?

Filed Under: NDS Hack Tools Tagged With: Trainers Editing StartEd GSC Just like its name, this program is a tool used to edit your starter Pokemon in a very quick way with some pressing.

Page Tools More • • • • • • • This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Pokemon White Version for Nintendo DS. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. How to Erase Save Data [ ] Press UP + B + SELECT on the title screen to erase your save data.

Mario and Zelda Props [ ] Are the props in Pokemon Black and White meant to resemble gear from other Nintendo games? Toy Sword - Master Sword from Legend of Zelda Top Hat - Looks like Prof. Layton's hat Windup Key - Mario's Key from March of the Minis Red Parasol - Looks like Peach's parasol Submitted by: lamadude1. Advertisement Heal at Any Time, Even During the Elite Four! [ ] Note: This requires a second DS and copy of Pokemon Blask or White. Using the C-Gear's Infrared trade function combined with a second DS and game, you can pull out various Pokemon from your team between each battle with the Elite Four.

Free download mp3 song a to zero. As you can trade from your boxes, you can switch your teams up and simultaneously heal them if you are having trouble with the Elite Four. With this same method, you can train more than six Pokemon with each visit as well. -Zeron Submitted by: Samuel-IGN Flip Your Pokemon Around on Summary Page [ ] Open your party list and select a Pokemon you wish to turn around. Select summary and it'll bring you to a page detailing their stats. If you click their battle sprite, it'll turn around and face the other way, showing you their backsprite. Casio fx 991ex manual

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If you leave their summary page and come back, they'll still be facing the way you left them. Submitted by: NSIYusuke Change Your Online Player Class and Nature [ ] Open up your X Menu and select the option that has your name on it (your trainer card), and it'll bring you to a screen that shows all of your gym badges. From here, click the icon on the bottom left of the screen to bring up your trainer card. There are 2 categories underneath your name that you can change.

Romantic urdu novels download. The top one is your class, and the second one is your nature. This effects how you appear in the Wi-Fi rooms or on your friend's DS when in a trade, battle, etc.

At the very bottom there's even a personal quote you can enter that others can see when they look at your trainer card. Submitted by: NSIYusuke New PC Wallpapers [ ] You get new wallpapers for your pc box when you beat the Elite Four the first time, and then another set once you beat them a second time. Submitted by: Allekat. Advertisement Music Additions [ ] There are different people and events that make the music change. • Talking to the 'Band' in one of the buildings when you get to Accumla Town will give the music a Piano tune and an added beat to it. • In there is a man who will play the accordian when you get near him if you talk to him.

• There are kids running and spinning in a circle in Iciurrus City. A clapping beat will be added when you get near them.

• In (Black) there is a man with a guitarish instrument. If you talk to him an added techno tune will be added. • In a man with an Acoustic Guitar will add to the tune if you talk to him. There is also a man near the bridge who will add his weird voice to the music. Another person hear will add their music to the tune if you talk to the man on the bridge named Russo. There is yet one more person who will add a whistle to the tune if you go to the top right field and talk to him. • Anville town has a person who will add a flute to the tune if you talk to the person next to the railing when you first enter the town on the bridge.

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• The music also changes with the seasons. Also, as you go lower into the caves the music gets slower. Lastly, in Castelia town, the building that the GameFreak makers are in, there is one person who will, while in the room, change the music to the Team Rocket theme if you talk to him. Submitted by: Btrue-dog The Masuda Method [ ] Usually, the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon is 1 in 8192. By breeding two Pokemon in the Daycare that are from two different regions (Japan, Europe and America), the chance of breeding a Shiny is increased to 1 in 2048. The Pokemon cannot be from the same different region, but one from one region and the other from another region. Submitted by: Benster247 Get More Money for Ore [ ] In previous games, when you obtain a Nugget, you can take it to the PokeMart and sell it for $5000.

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