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May 13, 2017 - According to the manual for the Casio FX115ES, the largest matrix it solves. Here is a picture of the FX-115ES, its face looks like the 991ES. Unboxing of Casio fx-991EX Scientific calculator 2. Box contains- Warranty card,Casio fx-991EX English user manual, 3 years warranty conditions, warranty label sticker, calculator slide-on hard.

• 8080 Answers SOURCE: Hello, Here is the solution for th FX-991ES. Hello, The error may be due to the key you used to signifie inverse. How to download minecraft on computer super easy. It says in the manual that you should use the key x^-1 not the one used to input general powers.

Casio Fx-991es Manual


Here is screen capture from the Appendix to the manual. The picture shows the sequence of keys to press to obtain the inverse of a 2x2 matrix.

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It is taken from page 41 of Appendix The matrix used in the exemple is a_11=2 a_12=1 a_21=1 a_22=2 Here is the link to download the manual and the appendix The link is for FX991ES. Look there foe you manual. Hope it helps Posted on Sep 07, 2009. • 8080 Answers SOURCE: Hello First you must set Matrix calculation [MODE][6:Matrix]. Then By entering one of the numbers [1:MatA] or [2:Matb] or [3:MatC] you get to choose the dimensions of the matrix (mxn]. Once finished entering the matrix you clear the screen. • 8080 Answers SOURCE: Hello First you must set Matrix calculation [MODE][6:Matrix].

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