Onesafe Pc Cleaner 5 Pro

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Who doesn’t want their computer to run so smoothly and fast just as it was brand new? We all certainly do, therefore digital product market has plenty of ‘quick and effective solutions’ to offer for those who want to optimize their system and boost the performance of their PCs. OneSafe PC Cleaner is one of many of these miracle tools that have so many useful features, allowing users to clean the registry, delete duplicate files, get rid of the unwanted applications and browsing history, fix corrupted files.

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Onesafe Pc Cleaner 5 Professional

Sounds too good to be true? Truthfully, OneSafe PC Cleaner program is no better than,, or, which are all just, deceiving gullible users to make a profit. Note: Reimage trial provides detection of parasites and assists in their removal for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version. If Reimage fails to detect parasite, ask a question in comments and provide as much detail as possible or try scaning with.

Onesafe Pc Cleaner Reviews

Onesafe Pc Cleaner 5 Pro

According to this you don’t need all these system optimization tools to have a well-performing computer. Yet you probably know addictive that feeling of satisfaction is when such application fixes all the issues found on your Windows displaying a ‘Your system is clean!’ message, and no matter if these alerts were all fake, the placebo effect takes over, making you almost feel how your computer is running faster. But This is where OneSafe PC Cleaner PUP decides to play with you and after offering the free scan, asks to get the full PRO version in order to clean the system fully. But don’t fall for this smart and read our article to find out more about OneSafe PC Cleaner system optimizer. Is OneSafe PC Cleaner PUP a virus In a nutshell, OneSafe PC Cleaner is not a virus, but it does fall into the malware category under the potentially unwanted program’s () description. This means that PC Cleaner demonstrates some undesired and shady behavior features, yet is not fully malicious.

Onesafe Pc Cleaner 5 ProOnesafe Pc Cleaner 5 Pro

Users simply tend to refer to OneSafe PC Cleaner as a virus because sometimes it sneaks in unnoticed and starts working without users consent. It is unclear how well OneSafe PC Cleaner detects existing registry errors or file duplicates, yet we can guarantee that even if your system is clean this PUP will show false results just to scare you and push towards purchasing the PRO version. OneSafe PC Cleaner 5 full membership for a year comes to around 36$ (30€) on the official site, but the OneSafe PC Cleaner 6 version, which is only available on, will end up costing almost a double – around 64$ ( 55 € ) per year. These fees compared to other rogue optimizations tools are significantly bigger (which are usually around $19.99), but the French developing company called Avanquest Software is targeting mainly economically well-standing countries like Germany, United States, Canada, France, and United Kingdom, which are not that much affected by such difference. As well as OneSafe PC Cleaner, Avanquest has other similar PUP products – OneSafe Mac Cleaner, OneSafe Driver Manager, Safe Passwords,,.

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