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Chocolatey Install Windows 10


Chocolatey Install Whether on a local machine or running on a remote PowerShell session, to install a Chocolatey package is the same command, choco install. To install a package without being prompted add the –y argument.

“Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get but for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized In this article, I will describe how to install and use the. Chocolatey Cookbook. Cookbook Version Build Status. Install Chocolatey with the default recipe. 12.7 or greater. Chocolatey was born out of providing automation for Windows and doing that with packages, packages that could surround an installer but didn't necessarily need to. The Chocolatey install scripts use the Chocolatey package (a nupkg file itself) to be installed and upgraded as just another package.

Install Chocolatey Windows 8.1

This is part of a series on moving from desktop Linux back to Windows. The first post is. The previous post is. Windows software management: the current default state Three years ago, I wrote about. Part of my frustration with Windows was around package management — installing, keeping up to date, and removing software.

And part of my motivation for experimenting with is the existence of what appears to be a serviceable solution for package management on Windows: Chocolatey. More on that soon.

But first, let’s talk the current state of installing and keeping software up to date on the main modern operating systems for consumer use. Linux effectively makes package management a first-class citizen; Mac doesn’t, but homebrew has become de facto package management for Mac, at least for a developer machine. For the devices we use for most of our personal computing — the little super-computers in our pockets — we’ve come to expect that software is installed from one place, automatically updated, and simple to remove.

Chocolatey Install Windows Gui

Even in the wild and woolly world of Android, you get all your software from Google Play; it’s rare to be downloading and installing.apk files from the Internet. Yet we continue to suffer this craziness on Windows.

If you’ve used Windows for a long time — and especially if you’ve used Windows exclusively — this is probably your software install/update experience: • download an executable (.exe,.msi) from the Internet • click it to install • maybe change its install location but probably not • to update do the same things • over, and over, and over If you’ve done this long enough, it might even seem sane, reasonable, no big deal. But I’ll tell you this: after working on Linux and Mac for enough years, that process above drives me f**king crazy and I want to do it as little as humanly possible. Installing & Updating Software on Linux and Mac Let’s say you want to install a recent version of PostgreSQL; or Python; or Redis; or Intellij IDEA; or Docker; or &tc In Windows, you’d do the thing you do above. But on Mac, you’d probably use homebrew.


Chocolatey Install Windows Service

You’d install homebrew once; and then from a terminal you’d brew install redis. Or brew install docker. You get the picture. To update, you’d use brew to update: brew upgrade redis. Or brew upgrade docker.

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