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Description: Main Topic of Safari Gujarati Magazine (August-2011) Issue no.207 * As a person with hipnotijhama pranipankhio 'stecyu' mystery of what is going to be? * Phase space according to their architecture artisan sea dakhavatum * Khojano subject to sudden global cloud seventeen rare minerals, there is nothing that is not the everyday life! * Among rank rekordabrekara Railway Quiz * Indian Air Force to buy 126 fighter planes next to our Defense Department. * Robert Clive four suicide attempts failed, and when India became enslaved for 190 years. Download Links: Links - 1:- Links - 2. Description: Main Topic of Safari Gujarati Magazine (July-2011) Issue no.41 * Mammoth extinction of elephants in ten thousand years ago with the cloning of the project eventually Countdown start living again! * Gajaraja new Air Force: C-17 Globemaster III * Various planets of our solar system weather 'Safari' Book of Records * The world's findings Quiz * Twentieth century war between the powers, not with weapons such as missiles, but * hacking on the Internet called 'arms' with the Cyber ​​War as khelavanum * When India became tlt twinge of spying for the Pakistani port!

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A Catalogue of various books collected by Vidyadhar Yagnik. Books of many authors like Surender Mohan Pathak, Ashwini Bhatt, Indrajal Comics, Perry Masson, Sidney Sheldon, Alistair Maclean, Agatha Christie in Hindi, Gujarati and English Language. Harshal Zope, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Graduate Student. Savitribai Phule Pune University, Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology. Publication Date: 2013 Publication Name: Journal of the American Chemical Society.

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* Tarakhata macavya twenty countries to do the fields have now reached Brazil marakani American bee Download Links: Links - 1:- Links - 2. Description: Main Topic of Safari English Magazine (October-2011) Issue no.209 * Exactly one hundred years ago, when India's capital New Delhi, Delhi became the court * Agu C and a constant debate in cali do Aati Top Ten Beliefs * How are drastibindue pranipankhioni vision and his life? * Suppose that one large asteroid hit the earth tomorrow whip mace tandava how? * The world's highest saddle tree: there is a true forest, but the true Jade * Samanava ducking kill eleven kilometers deep sea adventure Download Links: Links - 1:- Links - 2. Description: Main Topic of Safari Gujarati Magazine (September-2011) Issue no.208 * King of the suspense scenes saspensakatha tutamakhamenanum Egyptian mummies became instrumental gunthavamam * Telipathi synthetic, which converts speech manavamagajana computer concepts * China's New 'phorsamaltiplayara' ship * Find the monument, and 2 bhulai bhulai * Some people always have their physical nature remains to be coarse. * Transition, such as animal manusyajagatani simavivado, simankano and simavigraho * Traphala: the name of the cat and carrot topanum a kilo to $ 2,20,000 * Sarahadaparanum science of ignorance, which to our knowledge, the die is not ve Download Links: Links - 1:- Links - 2. Description: Main Topic of Safari Gujarati Magazine May-2011 Issue no-204 * The recent arrival of the latest 3G mobile phones in India What is Technology?

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An early explanation of Note: The third generation of the leading 3G mobile phones Technology Technology for its 2G predecessor, although talented than the 'latest' I can not be labeled as 3G Technology for at least ten years old. * Saline land with saline water on the ocean mabalakha crop lanavana revolutionary kimiya Registani region of Dubai city.

Fertile arable land, it has not. I'm not the same as not enough neither whom the river is flowing, but the salt water is not even a natural underground reservoir. * What is the next target of tsunamis? Riktara on the scale of earthquake magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan, the despoliation of the country people still suffered from the effects. * The silver and silver quiz!

The silver price has just reached the level of the precious metal press rekordasarjaka 'shiny' stay. This time the subject of silver chealabatta quiz, information on the most ophabita. * Began: the white mass marathon tour of Mexico millions monarka Very rarely does a television news channel that 'Breaking News' does not count as news that even if the news: Mexico Spring ngatuni begins from March, 2011, in millions of ngatupravase nikalelam monarka spisisanam patangiyam arriving in America have died crossing the border. * Devabhasa kahevayeli, although seven of Sanskrit overwhelm devayeli ' Not ghosts Bvishyti' Wonders Shimoga Karnataka tungabhadra have daseka kilometers on the river called hariyalum Mathur village.

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