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Description Delphi extends the const keyword of standard Pascal by allowing you to specify any constant-valued expression as the value of a constant and by allowing you to give a specific type for a constant. If you supply a type, you are creating a typed constant, which isn’t really a constant, but rather is an initialized variable. The lifetime of a typed constant is that of the program or library, even if the typed constant is declared locally to a subroutine. You can also declare a subroutine parameter as const or as an open array of const. A subroutine cannot modify a const parameter. This has several benefits. • A const parameter clearly tells the reader that the subroutine does not change the parameter’s value.

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Delphi Const Array Meaning

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Delphi Const Array Multidimensional


This improves the readability and clarity of the code. • The compiler enforces the restriction. If you accidentally try to assign a new value to a const parameter, the compiler issues an error message.


Note that a const object reference means you cannot change the reference. The object itself is not const. • Passing const strings, dynamic arrays, and interfaces is slightly more efficient because Delphi can avoid incrementing the reference count when it knows the subroutine will not modify the parameter.

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