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Improved Manual Routing, Configurable Precision and Additional Import/Export Capabilities in the new BETA version of DipTrace PCB CAD. We have also polished the existing features and redesigned the interface to make DipTrace even more user-friendly. Find out how to lay out a circuit board in Diptrace with this video tutorial.

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Diptrace Manual

Before you order your circuit boards, visit our. You can enter the size, layers, and quantity of your board and get prices from 24 different PCB manufacturers instantly. There are 9 reviews with an average rating of 4.6. To ensure high-quality reviews and ratings, we moderate every review. To write a review, you must include a valid e-mail address. We will not post your e-mail address, and we will never give it to anyone else or use it to spam you. We might send you an e-mail to verify the information in your review.

I don't design PCB's full-time. I mostly develop embedded code, and have worked in start-ups for most of my career. For me, I need to pick up PCB design now and again, and turn a development board and peripherals that I've probably wired up myself into a custom PCB. So pretty much every time I'm somewhat re-learning the CAD tools again - usually a design based around a microcontroller and/or bluetooth - and an expectation of (mostly!) working-first-time design. That's where DipTrace excelled over all the other tools I've tried - the sheer intuitiveness and ease of use. Quite a few components and footprints I've had to create for myself, and I've never found the autorouter much use.

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But DipTrace has never failed to handle iterative design smoothly - go back into footprints/schematics and change stuff - and the in-progress PCB design handles it smoothly. Also a very decent design rule checker. Awesome for the price. Good library and exports to 3D (shapes to STEP files and graphics to VRML) if you work at it. My following point of view is after one small (single layer, 8 SMD, 1 thru-hole) design: It has a thorough and flexible pad and pad layout designer system. Schematic capture is adequate.

The user interface throughout is actually good; it has modality, but this is necessary when you need to move an individual feature independent of the other features with which it is grouped (like moving the reference designator in relation to the associated pads). Once placed, moving the schematic signal lines or pcb layout traces is a little fiddly. The rubber-banding sometimes causes more work, but this is a minor issue with small, sparse projects. Diptrace is a real pleasure to work with compared to other pcb cad programs. Drawing the schematic and layouting the pcb is easy. Missing parts can be build very fast and really easy.

I was surprise how clear and straight the process is, if you never understood the process in other products, try this. But there are some drawback: - autoplacement and autorouting. Just don't use it, it does not work very well. - mine didn't save settings like turn on/off layers, screen positions and sizes etc. - like all pcb cad programs, the GUI is sometimes cumbersome, illogic and inconsistent, most of the time all three together. The major drawback: the company has almost no public activity. Forums are dead, latest news is more than 5 month old, latest version is almost a year old (as today, 2015-05-29).

Manual Diptrace Portugues

So minor problems are not addressed (traces sometimes look wrong/connect wrong) etc etc. My verdict: if you can live with the freeware version (2 layers, 300 pins) it is a very good choice for a beginner. But at the current state I wouldn't put any money into it. DipTrace Response 5/29/2015: The product is not dead, though we really have not published any upgrades for a long time. We are currently working on high-speed routing - the task is quite complex and is taking much time.

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