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Incredible album some of the best word play ever produced, double meanings, hidden information, clever cypher's, and all this while battling his own demons between going straight or continuing hustling all portrayed in lyrics that only a top wordsmith could deliver with such intricate detail. The samples compliment the above word play like D'evils Devils, Dead Presidents, this is an art and is not easy to fathom, the untrained ear will miss the vital clues but you have act like a detective scanning a crime scene. Youtube tom and jerry original episodes. The picture is complete but at first nothing seems as detailed. Its only after repeated listens that the bigger picture appears and clues that are missed allow you to fill in the gaps.

The best way i can explain this album is to watch the Usual Suspects [ NOT CONNECTED ] then listen to a genius at play. I was wondering has anyone noticed that this album may be based on Taoism?


01 - Can't Knock the Hustle (feat. Mary J Blige) 02 - Politics as Usual 03 - Brooklyns Finest (feat. Bone thugs harmony music videos.

Jay z reasonable doubt album download zip

Reasonable Doubt. Can't Knock The Hustle. Politics As Usual. Brooklyn's Finest. Dead Presidents II. 'Reasonable Doubt' is undoubtedly Jay Z's crowning moment. Jay often says that his first album is his favorite because it took a lifetime to make. Although 'The Blueprint' is a certified masterpiece and 'The Black Album' ranks high among his best albums, Jay Z's first remains his best.

Notorious B.I.G.) 04 - Dead Presidents II 05 - Feelin' It (feat. Mecca) 06 - D'evils 07 - 22 Two's 08 - Can I live 09 - Ain't No Nigga (feat.

Jay Z Reasonable Doubt Album Download Sharebeast


Jay-z Reasonable Doubt Zip

Foxy Brown) 10 - Friend or Foe 11 - Coming of Age (feat. Memphis Bleek) 12 - Cashmere Thoughts 13 - Bring It On (feat. Big Jaz & Sauce Money) 14 - Regrets 15 - Can't Knock the Hustle (feat. Meli'sa Morgan) (Fools Paradise Remix) http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/45872037/file.html.

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