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Avro to bijoy

[adsense_id=”2″] Who are familiar with popular Bijoy Keyboard layout, some of them can feel hesitate with Avro keyboard’s other layout. So for them I have found a simple and easy solution. Download the UniBijoy layout and install avro keyboard.

The Bangla blogosphere and Bangladeshi Facebook users are infuriated with protests as ', a freeware and one of the popular and widely used Bangla input systems, was accused as a pirated version of another popular Bangla input system ' and the Avro team was mentioned as hackers. In a Bangla news daily, Mustafa Jabbar, the proprietor of Bijoy and a pioneer of Bangla computing said hackers were responsible for spreading pirated copies of his Bijoy software on the internet. He also said that UNDP had helped these hackers to be selected by the Bangladesh Election commission for their national database works. It may be mentioned here that Bangladesh saw and the most popular of them was Mustafa Jabbar's Bijoy during those days.

Many developers worked on its various versions. But the real boost in Bangla computing came when in 2003, a Bangladeshi medical student developed, a free but closed source graphic keyboard layout changer, using which was further developed during last six years by Mehdi and his friends Rifatunnabi, Tanvin Islam Siam, Ryan Kamal, Shabab Mustafa and Nipun Haq. While Bijoy is a ASCII based proprietary Bangla input system software and is sold in exchange of license fees, Avro on the other hand is an Unicode based freeware which has in fact four input system with four keyboard layouts - Avro Phonetic, Bornona, National (Jatiyo) and UniBijoy. The Avro phonetic (or transliteration) input system is the most popular and widely used - especially by the diaspora who do not have access to a physical Bangla keyboard. Using the Avro phonetic system they can generate Bangla words from Roman typefaces with ease. After the accusations of Mr. Jabbar the Bangla blogosphere reacted swiftly.

Loken Bosh in Amar Bondhu blog. Mezba Without knowing much about the dispute the comments by some supporters seem typical of Bangladeshis - emotion without logic. As a software developer I support the right of software writers to make money from their software. Everytime someone writes a book in Bangla they are profiting from the Bengali language. Yes, Avro had a better business model (perhaps - if its intent was market share) and it succeeded over Bijoy. But shame on those who are against a software developer from making a profit from his product. Mezba http://mezba.blogspot.com.

Rezwan Mezba, The main issue is not about software or literature which are intellectual properties. The debate is that Mr. Jabbar has copyrighted his Bijoy keyboard which was designed from the old Munir keyboard layout. Munir did not want any copyright for that.

Avro To Bijoy Bangla Converter

There are more than 20 recognised Bangla keyboard layouts out there but only one is copyrighted. In 2006 I bought a Bangla keyboard for Tk. 250 which was similar to Bijoy but not quite.

Bangla Avro To Bijoy Converter

2009 when I wanted to buy a thin one for portable use (which I saw in a relative's house) I found that it was out of market. When I inquired about it they said now every keyboard has to have a logo of Bijoy (and pay Mr. Jabbar)- because Bangla keyboard is copyrighted. Then I bought a Big size keyboard with Bijoy logo on it with Tk. 430 (some are more costly which comes with the Bijoy cd).

I do not use Bijoy input system but different systems - like UniBjioy, Somewherein Unijoy or sometimes phonetic. The layouts I use are all different from Bijoy. So why should I buy Bijoy keyboard and pay Mr. Unfortunately we have let him profit out of our ignorance. In India iNSCRIPT is the only standard for all the Indic languages. Best overwatch prices pc. But you cannot find one single keyboard with iNSCRIPT printed on them by default and nobody claims royalty for it. I have nothing against Bijoy.

Those who wants to use it (especially the printing industry) can of course use it. But its about freedom to choose.

Avro To Bijoy Converter

Why the shops in Bangladesh cannot sell Bangla keyboards which are a little different from Bijoy layout? Christopher Latham Sholes created Qwerty keyboard in 1840. How would you feel when one day somebody comes and patent it and all other deviations of keyborads (QWERTZ) etc are not available? Now do those comments from supporters sound the same as before? If you look at business context - its not about business models. Its about product life cycle. Bijoy is in a declining phase.

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