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Arcanum Symphonis rates this game: 4/5 This looks like a fairly dull game; it's football, and it's a game based off a TV show (an anime, if you hadn't noticed the boxart yet). Once it gets going, though, it's of high-enough quality to be a stand-alone game. The gameplay is split into two parts: one part RPG, one part football sim. During the RPG element, you wander round scouting out new players and strengthening your current ones (and every so often advancing the plot). During the game element, you control your players directly with the touch controls, which are quite responsive (they have their moments, but you shouldn't see too many of them). These games can take the form of 4v4 'battles' (random encounters or scouting tests, with specific objectives like 'score first' or 'keep possession') or full 11-a-side matches, in which you play two half-hour halves for the superior scoreline (don't worry; a minute in-game is about 5 seconds in real life).

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It's quite a challenge, too, as after a few random encounters you'll find your squad suffering from fatigue, and the only way to restore them is by using items or paying some Prestige Points (the game's currency). As a result, if you play really badly and keep losing your PP, you'll find yourself unable to heal and unable to play effectively.

The graphics are pretty good, too. While you have fairly basic sprites for the RPG and some of the games, particular actions in the matches will move to a full 3D view of the players involved; this is really shown during the 'Special Technique' shots, where any of the 700-or-so players (most aged between 10 and 13) pull off moves so ridiculous and incredible that even the World-Class players of today couldn't even dream of it, let alone compare. The animation on each shot is very well-crafted; as a bonus, used correctly these moves can make the difference between victory and defeat. They are basically the star of the show. So, if you're fed up of FIFA or PES and want to try something a little different (if a little more insane), I would strongly recommend Inazuma Eleven.


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Contents [] Info As described by Level-5 International America 'Inazuma Eleven Online is an online soccer battle game that marks the first incarnation of the popular Inazuma Eleven franchise on PC. The game will offer action-packed, energetic battles featuring controls that require only a mouse to use. Collect players for your team, scout rare players, and train your favorites to power them up into your very own ultimate eleven. Will your team be more defensive or offensive? It’s up to you to customize, strategize, and command your team as you take on the other brave souls that seek the championship title. With challenging battles and anime-quality special moves and action scenes, this online soccer battle can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

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Level-5 is co-developing the game with NHN PlayArt and the title is scheduled to begin service in Japan in Winter 2013, on the NHN PlayArt operated internet portal site, Han Game.' Gameplay Using a mouse is the standard controller for the game, allowing passes, shoots, dribbles and blocks to be made. Defense When you're not in possession of the ball, you can move your whole team by either dragging the players to a specific spot, clicking on a point of interest or opposing player, or click a button to make your players mark the enemy who has the ball.

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