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For references sake - Media Go Works for pc to psp transfers but you need to be sure to run it as administrator and you have to download the games from your download list (Store tab > download list). Even so, using your PS3 to download and install PSP games is a great way to save memory space on your portable, which only supports (quite expensive) memory cards for added space. Step 3: Connect. In this tutorial, we learn how to download and play free PSP games. First, go to the website ManyISO. After you go onto the site, you can search for the games.

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Chura liya youtube. If the game that you have downloaded (as a purchase or for free) from (PlayStation®Store) is compatible with the PSP™ system, you can copy the game to play it on a PSP™ system. Sign in to PSN SM using the Sony Entertainment Network account that you used to download the game.

Connect the PSP™ system to the PS3™ system using a USB cable. To copy files to Memory Stick™ media, insert the Memory Stick™ media into the PSP™ system.

On the PSP™ system, select (Settings) > (USB Connection). On the PS3™ system, select the game that you want to copy under (Game), and then press the button. Select [Copy]. Follow the on-screen instructions to copy the game. After copying is completed, you can start the game under (Game) > (Memory Stick™) or (Game) > (System Storage) on the PSP™ system. Hints • To use this feature, the system software of the PSP™ system must be version 6.50 or later. • For information on playing games on the PSP™ system, refer to the for the PSP™ system.

Games that can be played on either PS3™ or PSP™ systems If you are playing a game that is compatible with both systems, you can copy saved data from the game from one system to the other so that you can continue playing where you left off. The method for copying saved data varies depending on the game type.

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Saved data for PlayStation® format software Saved data for PlayStation® format software is saved on an internal memory card that is created in the system storage. To copy the saved data to a PSP™ system, perform steps 2 and 3 above, and then select (Game) > (Memory Card Utility) > (Internal Memory Card (PS)) on the PS3™ system. Then select the saved data icon to copy, press the button, and select [Copy] from the options menu. Hints • You must convert the format of the saved data to enable the data to be used on a PSP™ system.

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If a confirmation screen about converting data is displayed during the copy operation, select [Yes] to proceed. • Multiple internal memory cards are created for each software title that is saved on Memory Stick™ media (inserted in the PSP™ system) or in the system storage of the PSP™go system. • If you copy the saved data to Memory Stick™ media that is inserted in a PS3™ system's media slot or use a USB adaptor (sold separately), the saved data will not be recognized. Activating a PSP™ system Games that are downloaded (for purchase or for free) from (PlayStation®Store) can be played on an activated PSP™ system. If a message indicating that activation is required appears when the game is started on the PSP™ system, activate the device using the following procedure. Connect the PSP™ system to the PS3™ system using a USB cable.

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