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Current downloads: About 111 k + & it is a completed hack with the vanilla storyline and no bugs that affect the battling experience. Background: I was modding emerald a bit to revamp the typings, resulting in a totally fresh first-time experience! I also started to tweak the attack strengths and prices for EV and healing items, preparing for the Battle Frontier. My last revision of this romhack was 96-100% upvoted, and I added some finishing touches with infinite TMs [!] Encounter world map and dev diary on Download the patched rom v3.3 111 k + downloads All you'll need for Android is uploaded to dropbox for now: The hack is 100% completed. Latest patch has improved priority indicators(!) buffed Armaldo, Moltres in Victory road and Mega Flygon! IF YOU WHITESCREEN - SET EMULATOR SAVE TYPE TO FLASH 128K TO FIX IT! ------ SOMETIMES A RE-DOWNLOAD WORKS TOO ------ Story: Pokemon Emerald-Z follows the original story, it has all starters & fossils (even legends in the wild after surf).

Types: Typechart and Pokemon are remade and most now have a balanced amount of strengths and weaknesses. New Typechart Image: (Here you can see some changes I based on the anime). Stats: Many Pokemon have received buffs to certain stats, reflecting if their STAB moves use special or physical. Attacks: Some weak moves have been buffed, some HMs have changed type. There's also new Priority moves! Megas: All starters have received some mega-inspired changes such as abilities, types, new moves & stat buffs.

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Descargar Pokemon Esmeralda Para Pc

Encounters: The world has been filled with more varied, themed and hand-placed Pokemon, like the national dex. Evolutions: Trade evolutions are handled with ingame items, levelups and happiness modifiers. Some easter eggs! Challenge: The challenge in this hack comes from the total revamp and the new learning curve! Hard for Nuzlockes. Variety: Because of infinite TMs you can play with several teams. Brendan and May will also choose different starters.

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