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A crucial step when restoring a tractor is taking the time to discover the history behind the machine. That research can, for example, put a value on the machine.

Is It Cost Effective? “One of the problems with tractor restoration these days is it’s just not cost effective anymore if you have to hire somebody to do it,” admits Gary Prissel, who operates under the name The Tractor Doctor in Mondovi, Wisconsin. “Unless it’s a tractor that was in the family and has sentimental value, it’s probably going to cost more to restore than the tractor will be worth,” he acknowledges. Due to the current interest in tractor restoration and the escalating price of restorable models, Prissel says you can usually go to an auction and pick up a tractor for less than the cost of buying an old tractor and having it restored. Even if it’s a rare tractor, he insists you will often end up paying so much for it that restoration is no longer cost effective, unless you do the work.

These can be used to establish PIN accuracy and history. Your report will identify any inaccuracies found by our analysts, as well as an insurance claim history search for each machine you review. This includes: damage history, prior theft recovery, and any other known claim that compromises the equipment’s safety or integrity. At ConEquip a serial number is needed to identify the proper parts for your equipment and our customers often ask 'where do I find my serial number?'

Even if you do plan to do your own restoration, it’s a good idea to do some research and to check out the credibility of the model being represented, especially if you intend to buy a vintage tractor as an investment. If you’re interested in a particular model, study factory literature or tractor books to find out how many of that particular model were built. This will give you an idea of how rare that model is and what it might be worth.

Farm Equipment Serial Number Lookup

Find out, too, if there are any distinguishing characteristics of the tractor that might identify it as being the real thing, even if sheet metal or components have been changed. Serial Number Research It should go without saying that one of the first things to examine is the tractor’s serial number. As a general rule, the lower the number, the greater the tractor’s value, as long as it is within a few numbers of the start of production.

Caterpillar Equipment Serial Number Lookup

Chinese miracle 2 spd download. A high serial number, on the other hand, could indicate that the tractor was one of the last models of its type to come off the assembly line. One example is the last of the 92 John Deere model D tractors built.

Known as streeters, they were literally built in the alley between two buildings after the production line had changed over to another model. Naturally, you need to know some history of the serial numbers assigned to the model you’re inspecting to further determine a value.

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Quite often, a history book on that particular tractor brand will include a listing of serial numbers by year and model. Another good source is the website, which lists the serial numbers for virtually every farm tractor and garden tractor ever built. Yesterday’s Tractors also provides a thorough listing of serial numbers. Two more sources of serial numbers for the most common tractor brands are Restoration Supply Tractor Parts at and Phil’s Tractor and Supply at. Investigate Its History It also pays to know the history of a particular model. As an example, 1939 was the first year of production for the Ford 9N. In that first year alone, the company built more than 10,000 9N tractors.

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